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Bulgarian Adventurers

Who we are

About a year and a half ago, father son duo Maxim (16) and Stefan (47) began building their boat from scratch with the dream of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Now, after grueling training and intense nonstop practice, they're finally achieving that dream.

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Maxim Ivanov

Record Breaking Row!

At age 16, Maxim will be the youngest person to ever row across an ocean!

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Organ Donation

For The Cause

Max and Stefan have dedicated their efforts to raise awareness for organ donations as only 4 out of 10 families in the EU countries have discussed the topic and only 2 out of 10 in Bulgaria.  They want to use their journey to raise awareness, encourage people to learn and share the true facts about organ donation and save lives!

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Maxim Ivanov

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Join us and the thousands of others who have taken the pledge towards organ donorship!

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